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10 reasons to take a cruise holiday: for solos and singles

Now that we see Covid restrictions are about to ease, you as solo and single traveller may be wishing to cruise again or cruise for the first time. Meeting new like minded travellers will certainly ease the Covid blues of being stuck at home and not being able to travel. When will we be able to cruise again you may ask? For now we can remind you why taking a cruise holiday truly a phenomenal experience. Cruising is certainly value for money for solo and singles. Ocean and River Cruises are all inclusive of accommodation, meals, on board activities and ...[Read More...]

8 things that Cruise Lines are doing after COVID

How are you feeling about cruising right now? You might be feeling apprehensive about cruising. You might even question whether it is safe to cruise. One of concerns could be your health, you might be wondering if you can cruise at all.. Cruise lines are working with health and government bodies to re start cruising. I bet you are ready to leave home and venture out and cruise again. According to Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) before starting to cruise again, cruise lines are taking the following actions to make it safer to cruise. • Before you embark on ...[Read More...]

10 Reasons for you to engage an independent travel professional

10 reasons why should engage an independent travel agent professional Independent travel professionals respect that that travel is a personal thing and requires a personal touch we offer YOU the travel consumers:   You can trust your independent travel professional, we offer sustainability, peace of mind, safety and safe pair of hands  Professional advice and personalised service, offering full service travel. Talk to a real and the same person any time!! You can chat with a trained travel professional and well- travelled expert with many years of travel experience  We achieve the best outcomes for your next holiday As an Independedent ...[Read More...]

10 Reasons to take a cruise

  Cruising there is nothing like it! Sure it may be different post Covid 19. However Ocean Cruise and River Cruise operators are working on their post Covid - 19 on board and on shore conditions  including: Embarkation and disembarkation Passenger and Crew safety Sustainable and environmental On Board service Improved propulsion and Filtration  Port and Shore excursions   Top 10 reasons to take a cruise: Cruises offer great value to suit any budget The price of your cruise includes your meals and in-between snacks on-board, your accommodation, and most of the onboard activities and entertainment. Add in the journey to some of ...[Read More...]

The Solo Cruise Traveller by your cruise expert.

Solo Travellers with Horizons Cruise and Travel..your Solo travel experts. Travel is certainly problematic, right now. However travel domestically (early 2021) and internationally (late 2021) will eventually start up again. Cruise and Land operators are working on their post Covid -1 9 operations, including sustainability, revised deposit and cancellation policies, new capacity requirements.  Solo travel is exciting, relaxing and rewarding even when travelling alone. Today it has become the norm rather than the exception to travel as a solo or single. We partner with professional and leading land tour operators and ocean and river cruise lines, who are increasingly providing ...[Read More...]

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