Solo & Singles Travel Overview

Going it alone has never been more popular! 

Solo travel continues to rise and rise in popularity. No more having to wait to find someone to travel with you, then spend time trying to coordinate diaries and your budgets… travelling solo means no compromise. The opportunity to see what you want, when you want and travel on your terms makes it very appealing.   

With the increase in popularity of solo travel we are seeing a growing number of cruise companies and touring companies provide much more competitive offers for the solo traveller. And on occasions there are travel offers released where there is a zero single supplement surcharge.

The difference between a Solo Traveller and a Single Traveller

A Solo Traveller is looking to experience travel their way with an appetite for independent travel, responsible for their own good time, whatever path that takes.  A Single Traveller is generally looking to find others who they can share a room or cabin and travel with.

If you’re not sure what is right for you, I can help guide you and I am able to provide you with suggestions that will give you a selection of options to consider.  The great news is that whichever way you decide to go, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time and meet new friends from around the globe.

You can contact me today on 02 9420 8383 or email to organise a free travel consultation to help get you on your way.