How are you feeling about cruising right now? You might be feeling apprehensive about cruising. You might even question whether it is safe to cruise. One of concerns could be your health, you might be wondering if you can cruise at all.. Cruise lines are working with health and government bodies to re start cruising. I bet you are ready to leave home and venture out and cruise again.

According to Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) before starting to cruise again, cruise lines are taking the following actions to make it safer to cruise.

• Before you embark on your cruise you will be required to take a Covid screening test and we believe that a covid vaccination will also be required to cruise.

• Changes are expected to happen to the onboard Medical care and facilities, with increased staffing and possibly a new charging regime.

• Once on board you may be required to wear a mask in public areas and also participate in regular screening tests.

• Cruise lines are working to make the onboard environment safer for all.

Areas include water filtration and disposal of waste. Additionally, new and environmentally safe methods will be implemented such as cleaning the ship top to bottom on a daily basis.

• An important aspect to keep everyone safe is the air conditioning system throughout the ship. This is to modify and update to meet new international maritime guidelines.

• Eating on board takes on a new culinary life. Areas such as self-service buffets are a thing of the past. They will be replaced by crew serving at buffets. Signature restaurants will continue to keep their high standard of service.

• Visiting ports on your cruise itinerary may change with your own personal arrangements such as private sightseeing, visiting local attractions, dining and drinking. However this will be determined by port authorities before cruising starts up again.

• It is expected that travel insurance will be required by all cruise lines. Some South Pacific ports require you to have travel insurance before coming ashore.

I hope this blog is helpful to you and that we can cruise again soon. Please feel free to read my other blogs Any questions please reach out. 

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