10 reasons why should engage an independent travel agent professional
Independent travel professionals respect that that travel is a personal thing and requires a personal touch we offer YOU the travel consumers:  

  1. You can trust your independent travel professional, we offer sustainability, peace of mind, safety and safe pair of hands 
  2. Professional advice and personalised service, offering full service travel. Talk to a real and the same person any time!!
  3. You can chat with a trained travel professional and well- travelled expert with many years of travel experience 
  4. We achieve the best outcomes for your next holiday
  5. As an Independedent travel agents we fully accredited and licensed.  ATAS (Australian Travel Accreditation Scheme), AFTA (Australian Federation Travel Agents),
    IATA (International Air Travel Association)
  6. We know the world and the top value destinations.
  7. We offer full service travel servises at competitive prices and tariffs always – fares are comparative to or lower than offered on travel websites.
  8. Travel agents receive all the latest intel before consumers and have access to the latest and newest travel information, product, services and current sales and deals.
  9. Independent agents save you time with research and asuity with bookings. 
  10. Services offered are checked Covid 19 compliancy and we have access to competitve Covid – 19 travel insurance